“Gundaman” by Megumi Igarashi

Megumi Igarashi, Japan’s “bad girl” (also known as Rokudenashiko), is a sculptor and manga artist. Her mission is to demystify the female genitalia in Japan. Megumi has received much legal attention in the last few years. One incident in relation to the 3D community is she was arrested for the […]

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3D Printed Motorcycle by Jonathan Brand

Jonathan Brand is an artist working in New York and New Haven, Connecticut. He started 3D printing about 3 years ago and shortly after came up with the idea to print a life size motorcycle. Jonathan used an Ultimaker 3D printer. The Ultimaker family makes xyz printing as easy as […]

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3D Vector Graphics by Eric Schaepler

Check out an Arduino generated 3D rotating cube, displayed on a vintage radar CRT. This project is by Sunnydale resident Eric Schaepler, a Google hardware engineer by day, and a serious maker by night. For more information on Eric and this project check out: 3D Vector Graphics on a WWII […]

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The First 3D Animation

This is believed to be the world’s first computer-generated 3D animation. This sequence was created in 1972 by 3D visionary Ed Catmull and Fred Parke at the University of Utah. Ed has held instrumental roles in the entertainment field. One position at Industrial Light & Magic computer graphics division at […]

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Nimslo 3D Camera

The Nimslo is a stereo camera that produces 3D pictures which can be viewed without glasses. This was done through the magic of Lenticular printing. Unfortunately, today there are no known labs that can make lenticular prints from film. The Nimslo uses common 35 mm film in 135 film format […]

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“Textscape” by Hongtao Zhou

An examination of an interactive reading process for a general audience as well as for blind people this series of work has text variations of braille, language characters, calligraphies and number systems. Chinese Artist, Hongtao Zhou creates 3D documents to reemphasis printing in modern technological world. Printing technology was first […]

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“as·phyx·i·a” from Maria Takeuchi

as·phyx·i·a is a collaborative effort and experimental film created by Maria Takeuchi with Frederico Phillips and performed by Shiho Tanaka. The project is an effort to explore new ways to use and/or combine technologies and different fields in an experiment without many of the common commercial limitations. The performance is […]

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“House of Cards” by Radiohead

In Radiohead’s video for “House of Cards”, no cameras or lights were used. Instead, 3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data. Nominations 2009 – Grammy (Best Short Form Music Video) – UK VMA (Best […]

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